I haven't got to know death yet,

Let's put off the meating with it,

There's so much left to sing.

And every day crops up new aim —

Now walls of mountains the mountains of walls.

I took away dreams and revelations,

My safety

Is in hands of fate,

My main nerve

Is threaded a needle

And almost totally naked...

С тобой я готов был бежать на край света,

Но ты изменила сама, ты туда удрала.

Порвалась струна, и теперь моя песенка спета.

И жизни мне нет — вот такие дела.

It doesn't matter anymore

Where the ways have parted.

But you cannot step twice

Into the same river.

Feels as weighty as a stone but it's my burden

Could I hurt someone before or may be further?

If you're still thinking of a candle set on fire

I spit on you because I'm higher then the highest.

Я верю отчаянно в самые тёплые страны,

Где ветер от нежности шепчет признания в любви.

И мягкой травой зарастают рваные раны,

И тлеет огонь, и чадит никотином в груди.

And everything that once was clear will later be unveiled,

My rock and roll has no purpose nor it's a remedy.