Within Temptation

So raise your banner, fight your war

Break the silence, no remorse

Won't die within

Armies have conquered

And fallen in the end

Kingdoms have risen

Then buried by sand

The Earth is our mother

She gives and she takes

She puts us to sleep and

In her light we'll awake

We'll all be forgotten

There's no endless fame

But everything we do

Is never in vain.

We're part of a story, part of a tale

We're all on this journey

No one is to stay

Where ever it's going

What is the way?

Forests and deserts

Rivers, blue seas

Mountains and valleys

Nothing here stays

While we think we witness

We are part of the scene

This never ending story

Where will it lead to?

The earth is our mother

She gives and she takes

But she is also a part

A part of the tale.

We're part of a story, part of a tale

Sometimes beautiful

And sometimes insane

No one remembers

How it began.

On golden wings

She flies at night

With her dress.

It's blinding white

Countless diamonds

And her long blond hair.

The queen is coming

So you better be aware.

Her plums and flowers

They're never the same

Blue and silver,

It's all her game.

Flying dragons

And enchanted woods,

She decides, she creates

It's her reality.

In her world of dreams and make believe

She reigns forever

With all her glory.

In this world of endless fantasy

She makes it happen,

It's her reality.

I'm crowning no man for his armour or rhapsody

For what I see and what I feel

Unicorns appear in her sight,

The fireflies lead her trough these woods at night

In search of the legendary amulet,

And it's secret.

In the big oak there is a door

Which will lead her

To the wizard shore,

And she'll ask him

For the wind to sail her home

To the world where she belongs.

For so long I've tried.

Could not close my eyes.

When you became a outcast in this life.

Again and again I try

to understand the demons inside your head,

but the truth is you love them to death.

If we can’t restrain the beast which dwells inside

It will find it’s way somehow, somewhere in time.

You gave up the fight

You left me behind

All that’s done’s forgiven

You’ll always be mine

I know deep inside

All that’s done’s forgiven.