Marina Matiss

Your gods will certainly forgive ya, they’ll forgive ya.

‘Cuz you’ll be there where you should be.

В заброшенном доме остались заколочены окна...

Туда, куда ведет надежда, что с третьего раза получится.

Нервы из стали.

Я не знаю, смогу ли начать

С нуля.

El perdón

Ahí te dejo

Donde me dejaste sola,

Donde entre espejos y sombras

Se convierten en siglos las horas.

Sin derecho a saber ningunos motivos

Siente como vibra con gritos

El silencio en tus oídos.

I wanted only you.

Walking arm in arm didn't mean it was true.

Didn't mean that love was true.

No strings attached. Don’t pledge yourself I know

You’ve never been here.

So you’re now free to go and there’s no turning back to me.

Leaning against the wall, staring at the ceiling.

I am on my own, my love has lost its’ meaning.

‘Cause you’re away... cause you’re away.

Put doubts aside, there’s no tomorrow. Let’s zoom up from the ground.

The feigned rulers burst with envy 'cuz you now will be crowned.

An you’ll remember, you’ll remember me.

And whatever it brings I’m ready for this.

I just want to live and I..

And whatever it means, who cares who wins

If you let me live my life?

A soul is a mirror na-na. Would you keep it from being cracked?

No limits’re there in the sky, our time remains fluid

There’s something bigger than life and I’m committed to it.

In 45 thousand sols perhaps, we meet again

At the foot of Olympus Mons, yeah