Scorpions — Living for Tomorrow

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Love's got the power

To get it done

To stop the pain

Of a killing gun.

Let's make this world

A better place to live.

Start to take,

Start to give.

And even if you say

We're gonna die today

I'm still living for tomorrow

I'm living for today

Cause love will find a way my friend

Whatever it will take.

Те, кто говорят в спину, всегда там были, там и останутся.

I’m on my way home, on my way home,

Yesterday seems long ago, so long ago.

I’m on my way home sending postcards talk.

Greetings from the eye of the storm.

That hope will not die,

Where the children cry...

Another night, the curtain's coming down,

I hear the silence just screaming loud.

I can see the sunrise rising from the smoke,

Will you be there for me, will I ever know?

How you know what it’s like

When good luck has changed the sides

And no sun shines in the dark and no angels

Ever hear your prayers in the night

When your fears come up your spine

When your life turns upside down

It breaks your heart

When you get crushed in a house of cards.