In the game of life

The strong survive

We're on a one-way street

We gotta make it out alive...

Let's make this world

A better place to live.

Start to take,

Start to give.

You look up to the sky

With all those questions in mind

All you need is to hear

The voice of your heart.

When the rain fell

And the flood came,

And the wind blew hard,

Like a hammer on these walls.

We didn't crack or break or fall

We built this house on a rock.

There was a time when we held one another

Baring our souls in the light of the flame.

Those were the days now,

I've lost my illusions

Sometimes I wake in the night

and I call out your name


Sweet little child,

You know nothing,

But a cold world outside.

You're too young to realize,

What he wants from you tonight.

Poor little girl,

There is no one

You can trust in the world.

In the darkness of the night,

What he's doing is a crime.

Always somewhere...

miss you where i've been

I'll be back to love you again.

What you give you get it back

So take my love just because it's all I have

Take my heart take my soul

I just never want it back

Can anyone tell me why

The children of the world

Have to pay the price?

Even power can kill

The human race

If we gave life

A human face.